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Excellence shines as parents, community members, teachers, staff, students, and principals came together for the annual Student Achievement Report, a showcase of our district and school's progress. The event kicked off with a warm welcome, featuring the musical talents of the Greenway Orchestra and delectable creations by culinary students from across the district, setting the stage for an evening filled with celebration.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the 2022-2023 data, led by GUHSD's Curriculum and Instruction Coordinators. This data, a comprehensive snapshot of our district's achievements during the past academic year, is also reflected in our annual District newsletter.

Guests had the opportunity to delve into specific data about their local high schools by breaking into school groups. This personalized approach empowers parents and community members to gain deeper insights into their neighborhood schools' accomplishments and areas for growth.

The annual Student Achievement Report is more than just numbers; it's a vital tool for recognizing achievements and areas of improvement in our schools. It embodies our commitment to fostering a supportive educational environment that empowers students to succeed. This event is a celebration of our dedication to excellence and a testament to the hard work of our entire educational community.

Apollo High School

Cortez High School

Glendale High School

Greenway High School

Moon Valley High School

Sunnyslope High School

Thunderbird High School

Washington High School