Meet the Team

The School Social Workers are key members of the school team. School Social Workers help improve students’ chances for success in school -- and in life. Call us to find out how we can help your child!

For further information contact the Social Worker at your school.

AHS:      Deborah Dunn 623-435-6349

CHS:      Cassie Miller 623-915-8230

GHS:      Danet Garcia 623-435-6269

GWHS: Lyndsey Adams  623-915-8509

IHS:        Barbara Lynch 623-435-6170

MVHS: Rochelle Richardson  623-915-8175

SHS:       Sheila Yoder, 623-915-8738

THS:       Laura Ilardo 623-915-8924

WHS:     Sophia Stephenson 623-915-8454

Northern Academy:  Geri Gardner  623-915-8614

Online Academy:  Veronica Cardiel 623-435-7329

District office:  Kevin Cashatt 623-435-6056