Jacquelyn Parmeley awarded Administrator of The Year

Jacquelyn Parmeley awarded Administrator of the Year

June, 2009- Jacquelyn Parmeley, Assistant Principal of Discipline and Attendance at Cortez High School, was honored as Outstanding Administrator of the year for the Continuing Support of School Nurses. Jacquelyn was the only administrator honored and one of two people honored by the AZ School Nurse Consortium. Lynette Cook, PAC President, Board member of the Arizona School Nurse Consortium, and a Cortez parent gladly awarded Jacquelyn.

“Mrs. Parmeley extends her assistance above and beyond the normal Assistant Principal duties.  Her positive attitude and support of my position as a school nurse is paramount in my success at Cortez High School.  Jackie breaks all barriers, and is consistently available to help in any way needed.  With her ever-present support and positive attitude I am able to be successful on even the most challenging of days. Thank You Mrs. Jacquelyn Parmeley.”

---Kristin Weiler RN, BSN.
    School Nurse CHS