New Teacher Welcome Dinner

New Teacher Welcome Dinner

July 2009- The Governing Board hosted a New Teacher Welcome Dinner on July 30, 2009. Dr. Linda Rosness, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, started the evening off by thanking the Governing Board members, who annually host the event. Mrs. Vicki Johnson, president of the board, welcomed the new teachers and thanked them for choosing to teach for Glendale Union.  Amanda Shively, treasurer, shared remarks on behalf of the GUEA.

As the evening progressed and the new teachers enjoyed their Mexican buffet provided by the Thunderbird cafeteria, Dr. Rosness thanked Yome Gokool, Administrator of Food Services; Karen Haskell, Manager Mentor; and Thunderbird High School’s staff:  Cafeteria Manager, Bunnee Vazquez; Gloria Mason and Kelly Varin.  A big kudos went out to all those who helped organize the evening, including all of the Human Resources Department staff; Dr. Rosness’s Administrative Assistant, Ester Evans; and Joni Huff from Washington for all their contributions.

Dr. Rosness greeted the 33 new teachers to the Glendale Union High School District family. The following are her remarks:  

“These teachers are a result of a thorough teacher recruitment process which was facilitated by Dr. Edward Murphy.  Utilizing a vigorous selection and high standards, we are proud to have hired these 33 teachers, representing together 77 years of teaching experience.  Their statistics speak for themselves:  5 teachers have Masters degrees; 2 teachers were instructional aides for GUHSD; 3 teachers have been substitutes in our district; 4 were student teachers in our district; and 3 were graduates from our district.  In addition, 7 of these teachers were hired for spring semester, 2009.  They also bring unique experiences to GUHSD, including:  one teacher worked 12 years as a camp counselor and assistant dean at a language immersion camp in Minnesota; 2 teachers worked in Project Sharp during the summers; 4 teachers studied abroad in Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Mexico; 1 teacher was a saxophone major and a principle in the wind symphony for 3 years at Ohio State; 1 teacher performed in the U of A Educational Theater Company; 1 teacher is a certified balloon artist; and 1 teacher facilitated public health camps and gave bilingual lessons in the Dominican Republic.  Your experiences will enrich our District and our students.”

The new teachers were introduced by each of their Principals who gave a short biography on the incoming teachers of 2009. Superintendent, Dr. Jennifer Johnson, closed the evening by encouraging the new teachers to take advantage of all the nationally recognized programs, professional development and resources that the district has to offer.

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Governing Board President, Vicki L. Johnson, opens the evening with a warm welcome.

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Apollo Principal, Susan Maland, introduces her new teacher.

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Cortez Principal, Reid Chitwood, introduces his new teacher.

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Glendale Principal, Deborah Jordan, introduces her new teachers.

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Independence Principal, Rob Ambrose, introduces his new teachers.

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Greenway Principal, Michael Dellisanti, introduces his new teachers.

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Moon Valley Principal, Michael Fowler, introduces his new teachers.

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Northern Annex Facilitator, Denise Scafone, introduces her new teachers.

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Sunnyslope Principal, Linda Whitehead, introduces her new teacher.

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Washington Principal, Carol Lippert, introduces her new teachers.

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GUHSD's Superintendent, Jennifer Johnson, gives her closing remarks on a successful evening.