Retirement Employee Recognition

Retirement Employee Recognition
May 2010 - GUHSD Governing Board recognized the following retirees at their annual Retiree Employee Recognition Event on May 19, 2010.

Apollo High School

cheshireDebra Cheshire

Spanish teacher and Foreign Language Department Chair.  Debbie has been an educator for 32 years: 24 years for Glendale Union at Apollo and 8 years in the Washington Elementary District

Throughout her career, Debbie has taught a variety of subjects and age levels.  In the Washington district, Debbie taught Language Arts at Royal Palm and gifted education at Palo Verde.  Then, when she decided to make the switch to high school, she started out at Apollo teaching photography, then moved to video, and finally for the past 12 years Debbie has been teaching Spanish.

In addition to teaching, Debbie has been involved in many activities that support our students.  She  was the Site Council chairperson for 5 years, a Hawktown facilitator for 6 years, the Key Club advisor 3 times and our Achievement Above All recipient in 2000. 

malandSusan Maland

Sue Maland has with the district since 1985. Sue’s Prior experience before her current position as Apollo High Schools Principal were:  APSS, Lead Curriculum Coordinator, and English teacher at Sunnyslope High School. Sue’s extracurricular responsibilities are Site Council Co-Chair, Department Chair, AIMS Committees. Sue says her most memorable experiences has been each graduation because of all the excitement and the ceremony of graduation held every year.

mirandaRuben Miranda

At Apollo, Ruben has primarily taught freshman and senior English—both ends of the spectrum.  But he has done so much more than teach those classes.  He has been the Language Arts Department Chair, the English 7-8 team lead, a Title I resource teacher, SAT Prep teacher, student council advisor, Academic Decathlon coach, and the co-advisor for Apollo’s fine arts magazine Signatures.  He does detentions Apollo and taught summer school and night school for many years.  Twice he has been honored as the Apollo Achievement Above All recipient—once as a teacher and once as an advisor for Signatures, the literary magazine.

Cortez High School

molinaJoseph Molina

Joe Molina worked at Cortez from 1997 to 2009. Before that he was a district sub and was hired as Boys Equipment Manager in September of 1997.  In August of 2009 Joe retired and has been quiet all year. 

Joes supervisor, Mr. Patrick Witter, had this to say about Joe “Mr. Molina was an outstanding employee who provided service and support to our student athletes and coaches.  He was valued and was a wonderful addition to the Cortez Family”. 

switzerJohn Switzer

John Switzer has been teaching at Cortez all 17 years of his teaching career.  This is a second career for John he first retired from the Marines and he was too young to just relax so he got his teaching certification and began teaching Spanish.  He still was not busy enough so he began taking on more responsibilities, like coaching swim, girls soccer and department chair.  He became a master of those tasks so he looked for more things to take up a few hours in the day, and he volunteered to sponsor the National Hispanic Honor Society, he became an official at home track meets and to top it off he teaches on a 6/5’s contract.  As you can see John has become an important cog on the Cortez Campus.

treatCandyce Treat

Candy Treat has been teaching for 31 years.  During those years she has been a positive influence on many students, in and out of the classroom.  She has taught and coached and sponsored on three of the district campuses, which include Cortez, Sunnyslope and Washington.   She teaches in the Special Education Department where her duties have included Life skills, Resource and co-teaching in the Math reasoning classroom. 

Candy has been the Spiritline coach at all three schools, department chair at both Cortez and Washington, tennis coach, and the wrestlerettes sponsor at Washington.  Over the past six years she has been the Band Auxiliary coach at Cortez which has lead our band to some distinctive honors.  While teaching at Washington, Candy was a part of the SET (School Effectiveness Team) team and while at Sunnyslope she was a part of the cooperative learning team.  As you can see Candy finds a home where ever she is teaching and gets involved with the campus culture. 

Greenway- High School

BarrettDarrell Barrett

Words from Greenway Principal Michael Dellisanti:

Hard working.  Kind.  Generous.  Funny.  Completely unpredictable.  These are just a few thoughts that come to mind when I think about Darrell Barrett.  Whether he is assisting students that have difficulty with reading in the Read 180 classes, developing plans, activities and resources for our Title I program, or coaching athletes on the Golf team, Darrell has dedicated a tremendous amount of time and energy to his students and his colleagues.  Darrell came to Greenway in January of 1980.  He has taught all grade levels of Language Arts, School Within a School and Read 180.  Additionally, Darrell has coached freshman baseball and freshmen football, and was an assistant coach for the Golf team.

Darrell’s colleagues describe him as a true student advocate.  He puts students first, and acts on that understanding every day.  Darrell demonstrated his “go to-ness” to me when I asked him to teach Read 180 for one more year, but to do so meant that he would have to take additional coursework to obtain his reading endorsement.  He came through for me, and he came through for his kids just like he has done time and time again throughout his career.

When Darrell retires he plans to golf, play some racquetball, golf, do some reading, golf, travel a bit, and when he has the time, try and get in a little golf.  Darrell, you have truly left your mark on the Greenway family.

diazTony Diaz

Words from Greenway Principal Michael Dellisanti:

Tony has been at Greenway since 1988.  He started as a custodian, and then worked with the maintenance crew for 14 years.  Tony was the assistant foreman for two years, and has been our Facilities Supervisor for the past five years. Tony has consistently been the “go to guy” for me, my administrative team and the school.  All of our requests are attended to immediately, and whether he addresses the issue himself, delegates to staff or develops and organizes a plan we can always anticipate a job well done.  Tony does not hesitate to dedicate whatever time it takes to complete a project or activity that benefits the students, staff and school.  Tony demonstrates pride in all that he does, and this attitude is a model for all those who work with him.  Tony was also selected as the AAA Support Staff of the Year in 2004.  Tony tells me that when he retires he plans to enjoy every day the good Lord gives him with his wife, kids and grandkids.  His family’s gain will certainly be our loss, and the Greenway family will miss him greatly.

terryRobin Fisher-Terry

Words from Greenway Principal Michael Dellisanti:

Robin has served our district and promoted student success since the spring of 1977.  Her first semester was at Moon Valley High School teaching Special Education and sponsoring the Skinny Dippers.  You will need to speak with her later about that particular club sponsorship. She has been a member of the Greenway family ever since teaching all levels of English, coaching girls’ track, sponsoring the wrestling Mat Maids and Junior Class, and participating in just about every committee available.  Robin has been my “go to” person for everything from Planning Team chair to A+ and Blue Ribbon Schools committee leader to school social director.  Robin models the value of taking every opportunity to be involved in the activities that make a school great.  When I first arrived at Greenway 18 years ago Robin made it her mission to make sure that I knew the Greenway culture, and how important it was to nurture it.  She has spent the last 18 years making sure that I never forgot the value of taking care of the Greenway family.  When Robin retires she plans to travel more, snorkel and scuba more, use her gym membership more, and grade essays NO MORE.  We cannot thank Robin enough for her career long dedication to our kids.

millerLinda Miller

Words from Greenway Principal Michael Dellisanti:

I consider myself truly blessed to have had an administrative assistant who demonstrates every day that one of her highest priorities is to anticipate the things that I will need and attend to them before I even ask.  As the “office manager” she maintains organization, facilitates cooperation and models collaboration.  Faculty and staff comments about Linda include that “she always has a super positive attitude”, “She is the epitome of service to the staff,” “the model of ideal customer service to everyone who walks through the door,” and “the best first impression of our school.”  It should be no surprise that Linda was selected this year as our AAA Support Staff of the Year.  Her plans for retirement include a trip to Boston to visit her son and to see the Diamondbacks play at Fenway Park.  I’m not entirely certain which is the main reason for her trip!  Linda will be greatly missed by everyone in the Greenway family.  We wish her well in her retirement.

steffenMarilyn Steffen

Words from Greenway Principal Michael Dellisanti:

Marilynn’s leadership and passion for excellence has blessed the Greenway Math department and Greenway family since 1984.  Her many contributions include Math Dept. Chair for 9 years, Honors and Awards co-chair for 3 years, Project SHARP field trip coordinator for 19 years, cheer sponsor for 12 years, NHS Co-sponsor for 3 years, and Junior class sponsor for 6 years.  Marilynn’s leadership in her department has resulted in the type of teamwork, data analysis and pursuit of continuous improvement that exemplify the critical components of a Professional Learning Community, and she and her department have been operating this way long before PLCs became an educational buzzword.  Marilynn’s constant passion for excellence and continuous dedication to her students and her school was recognized by her colleagues and administration when she was selected as the Achievement Above All Teacher of the Year in 2001. Marilynn’s retirement plans include reading, counted cross stitching (?), lots of Diamondback games, and visiting family back in Nebraska.  Marilynn, thank you for your career of outstanding service and dedication to your students and colleagues.

Moon Valley High School

parkerSharon Parker

Over her 26 years at Moon Valley, Sharon has taught every Math class. Her current assignment includes College Algebra & Honors Pre-calculus.  She has served multiple terms as the Math Department Chair. When asked about her most memorable experience Sharon responded: “Every day that I taught for 37 years was most memorable.  I care about all my students and devote 2-3 hours before and after school helping them be great math students. Sharon completed her Master’s degree in Math (for Teachers) from the University of New Hampshire in Durham, New Hampshire.  In January of this year Sharon was recognized as MVHS Achievement Above All Teacher.

Thunderbird High School 

caryLarry Cary

Mr. Cary began teaching at Thunderbird in 1995 after retiring from a 24 year career in the United States Army.  Mr. Cary currently teaches two levels of Engineering Science, three levels of drafting, and a four year cabinetry program.  Mr. Cary also serves as a department chair and sits on the Honors and Awards committee. 

Mr. Cary’s most memorable teaching experience is watching his students place 2nd and 3rd at the State Skills USA competition.  Just today, Mr. Cary received a letter from a graduating senior about the impact Mr. Cary has had on his life. 

Washington High School

blackBeverly Black

Beverly has worked for the Glendale Union High School District since 1993. During this time she has held many positions and worked at two district schools.  At Glendale High School, Beverly was the media center assistant, a title one instructional aide and a special education instructional aide.  In 2006, Beverly decided that she wanted to expand her horizons and learn a new trade; as a result, Washington became Beverly’s new home.  Since arriving at Washington, Beverly has been our educational services tech and our counseling secretary.

District Office

phyllisPhyllis Gendreau

Phyllis Gendreau has been a family member of GUHSD for well over 30 years.  The membership to this family began at Washington High School where she proudly was a member of the graduating class of 1975.  After college, Phyllis returned to the district and began teaching World History at Greenway high school.  After 2 years, Phyllis returned to Rams where she spent the next sixteen years teaching social studies, being the department chair and sponsoring and coaching various clubs and sports. In 1997, Phyllis became a Patriot where she continued to masterfully teach AP US History, History, was the department chair, and was the planning team chair.  In 2007, Phyllis became the Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator.  This year, Phyllis not only has Social Studies, she is also the Foreign Language Coordinator, the facilitator of the Media Center Directors and is the coordinator of student councils. 

mehlemSheila Mehlem

Sheila started in the district in 1990 as the school nurse at Cortez High School where she worked until 1998. Wanting a bigger challenge, Sheila sought out and obtained outside funding to establish school-based clinics at Sunnyslope and Independence High Schools in 1999. Additional funds were later obtained to start a clinic at Glendale High School. Sheila has served as the coordinator and Nurse Practitioner for the clinics the past 11 years.

The following were unable to attend:

Apollo High School 

Louis Sibulkin

Glendale High School 

Celyne Migneault

Lisa Reynolds

Katherine Stone


Christine Warder

Independence High School 

Cynthia Gilbert

Moon Valley High School  

Sharon Parker

Amelia O’Brien

Sunnyslope High School

Dianne Zanzucchi

Thunderbird High School 

Brent Beckwith

Linda McClurg

Washington High School

Lawrence Eaton

District Office

Eugene Dash

James Hymes

Linda McIntyre