Student Achievement Report

Student Achievement Report

October, 7 2009 - Glendale Union High School District has a proud history of student achievement; in fact, we believe that our district has been strong for nearly 100 years because of a combination of students, parents and teachers that contribute to student achievement.

Nearly 80 people joined the Glendale Union Curriculum & Instruction Department to explore ways that Glendale Union students navigate their futures.  In a presentation that highlighted “stops” on students’ journeys to the future, participants learned that district assessments, essential to a district that pursues continuous improvement, present a yearly examination of our curricular programs.  Assessments focus instruction and monitor learning.  To that end, Glendale Union administers assessments in each content area designed to provide teachers and administrators with information about the efficacy of their instruction.  Using this data, teachers can make informed decisions about program strengths and target areas for improvement.  Regardless of content area, students across the district demonstrate their learning through common assessments that align to state standards.

Parents, community members, students, and Glendale Union staff members in attendance also learned that more than three-fourths of students enrolled in Glendale Union schools during the 2008-09 school year participated in some form of extracurricular activity, including clubs and sports.  Guests at the event were treated to several fine examples of this participation:  Culinary Arts students from around the district prepared and served hors d’oeuvres, the Apollo High School Vocal Ensemble performed, and the Thunderbird High School Jazz Combo One provided pre-program entertainment. 

Through the support of our governing board and parents, as Glendale Union students navigate their futures, they experience many highlights.  One highlight, of course, is the outstanding achievement of their schools, indicated by the Arizona Department of Education rates schools through its annual AzLEARNS school profiles. The state assigns schools one of six labels: Excelling, Highly Performing, Performing Plus, Performing, Underperforming, or Failing.  The criteria used to determine these labels include AIMS scores for all 10th through 12th grade students, drop-out and graduation rates, and the school’s Adequate Yearly Progress status.

We are extremely proud of the efforts of our students and staff.  In 2009 across the state of Arizona, 21 percent of schools received the designation of “Excelling”.  In contrast, in the Glendale Union High School District, 78 percent of our schools reached the distinction of being “Excelling,” with the remainder of our schools achieving the label of “Highly Performing”, the second highest distinction. 

The evening concluded with time for participants to discuss local school data with their respective principals.