GUHSD Welcomes 49 New Teachers

GUHSD Welcomes 49 New Teachers
July 2011-The GUHSD Governing Board proudly welcomed 49 new teachers to the district at its annual New Teacher Dinner, held this year at Washington High School.

This event gave new teachers the chance to meet and hear from Governing Board President Ian Hugh, Superintendent Jennifer Johnson, Associate Superintendent John Croteau, and Glendale Union Education Association President Estevan Carreon.

Of the 49 new teachers, one has a doctorate degree, 27 have their master’s degrees, 11 were GUHSD student teachers, 7 were previously employed by other departments within the district, and three graduated from GUHSD high schools.  Two others, a former pharmacist and a former attorney, made a career change and decided to become high school teachers.

GUHSD is proud to have such a broad array of talented new educators.

Ian Hugh Adressing Teachers
Governing Board President Ian Hugh Speaking to the New Teachers 
John Crodeau and Dr. Jennifer Johnson Meeting New Teachers
Associate Superintendent John Croteau, Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Johnson and Governing Board President Ian Hugh Meeting New Teachers
  Brian Capistran and Pam Reicks Meeting New Teachers
Governing Board Clerk Pam Reicks and Assistant Superintendent of Student Services Brian Capistran Meeting New Teachers
 Dr. Jennifer Johnson Speaking to New Teachers
Dr. Jennifer Johnson Speaking to New Teachers