What Sets us Apart

What Sets us Apart
October 2011 - What makes GUHSD a district of choice, not circumstance? Parents and students from across the Valley and outlying communities choose GUHSD schools for their outstanding academic reputation, wide variety of extracurricular activities, and low teacher-student ratio. Here are a few more little-known ways GUHSD schools set themselves apart from other schools in the area.

Small Neighborhood Schools
Schools that are smaller allow students to have more personal contact with faculty and staff and more opportunities to participate in clubs and athletics. They also foster a greater sense of belonging in often a tight-knit community. While neighboring high schools have a student population in upwards of 2700, GUHSD schools average 1600 total students.

No Pay-to-Play
The district boasts an impressive 80 percent participation rate of students in extracurricular activities. Studies have shown that such participation improves academic achievement, attendance, behavior, and work ethic. Due to tough economic times, many other districts have opted to generated revenue by charging students as much as $100 per sport, which deters some students from playing or even asking for assistance. Because of the efforts and commitment to extracurricular activities from the governing board and district administration, GUHSD continues to give all students the opportunity to participate without having to pay.

“A” District

Out of 173 public school districts in the state, GUHSD is one of just 14 to receive an “A” label in the state’s new A-F letter grades, a distinction that only one of our bordering districts received. This grade is based on the following:
  • 50% - AIMS scores (as the old Legacy Labels did)
  • 25% - how well the school improves the academic growth of all students
  • 25% how well the school improves the academic growth of the bottom 25% of students
GUHSD is proud to be an “A” district. For more information on the letter grades or to see what grade your local school received, click here.