Apollo High School Honors Achievement Above All Winners

Apollo High School's Achievement Above All honorees were recently recognized by the Governing Board
BBApollo’s Achievement Above All teacher was Ms. Leanne Stachofsky. Leanne is a  mathematics teacher, LINK Sponsor, and teacher leader. Leanne has been asked to teach many levels of math, ranging from freshman ascend program all the way to college algebra class.  She can absolutely make any student successful, and even more to her credit, she can make any of her students believe they can be successful.  All of that makes her invaluable.

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Nicolas Bayless was selected to be the Achievement Above All student winner. Nicolas has a rigorous schedule including AP literature, AP government, and AP Calculus. Not only does Nicolas take on the challenge of each of these classes, he excels in them. In addition to academic excellence, Nicolas has contributed to varsity football and wrestling teams  and is also involved in LINK, NHS, and the Digital Media production program.

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Best Buddies was chosen to be the Achievement Above All student group. Best Buddies is a club that establishes one to one friendships with students who have intellectual development disabilities.  This club has grown to consist of over 70 members and participates in activities such as the Friendship Walk, Best Buddies prom held at Apollo and many other monthly activities that positively affect the students and Apollo. That students are making true friendships with her students.

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Cindy Shembab was Apollo's Acheivement Above All support staff honoree. Cindy has been at Apollo for the last three years as bookstore manager. She does an exceptional job of balancing a tight ship with many school accounts, keeping Apollo all financially in line, and being patient and understanding with everyone.  Ms. Shembab is someone who you can always count on.  She goes above and beyond in all her duties and does so with a smile.

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Apollo's volunteer Achievement Above All recipient was June Nelson. Ms. Nelson has been a volunteer with Apollo's community since 2003; however, this past year she has become much more involved and is now  key club co-advisor.  In this role she supervises students at events such as serving food at St. Vincent de Paul, packing food boxes at Vineyard Food bank, and taking students to leadership camp. Overall, already this year she has given close to 80 hours of her time and energy.

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