Glendale High School Honors Achievement Above All Winners

Glendale High School Recently Recognized their Achievement Above All Honorees

Glendale's Achievement Above All teacher was Scott Stafford. Scott currently teaches Biology and Honors Biology and acts as department chair. Scott is constantly brainstorming, supporting school improvements, and helping teachers in need. Outside of the classroom, Scott coaches basketball and golf. In 2005 he received the Arizona Republic's Big School Coach of the Year. He has also been names Region Coach of the Year twice for basketball.

               scott   scott

Nina Sibayan was selected to be the student Achievement Above All recipient. Nina has challenged herself academically and socially since she first started at Glendale. She has taken as many honors courses as possible and as many AP classes as she can. Nina has received an "A" in all of her classes but one where she received a "B". In addition to her academics Nina takes part in vocal and theater programs where she has won multiple awards including Best Actress of 2013.

               nina   nina

Glendale High School's Culinary FCCLA was selected to be the student group for Achievement Above All. Some of their accomplishments include  organizing the District FCCLA "No Kid Hungry" bake sale, providing dinner to families in need during the holidays, and recently several culinary students won major awards at the Careers through Culinary Arts Program competition.

               cul   cul

Emilia Preston was chosen to be the support staff Achievement Above All recipient for Glendale High School. Emilia started in Glendale's Media Center as an assistant and has since moved up to counseling secretary, and most recently she has moved to Athletic Secretary. Emilia is frequently out at the athletics events of Glendale and can be seen cheering on the student athletes. She plans to keep moving up and eventually become a Principal's Administrative Assistant.

               emilia   emilia

Glendale High School's volunteer Achievement Above All recipient was Tami Cisco. Tami is the presidne tof the Cardinal Football Booster Club. She truly believes in the importance of volunteering and is willing to do any task that is asked of her. When asked what her most memorable experience volunteering was, Tami responded "All of them." Tami's favorite part of volunteering is the look in the eyes of students who achieve something they thought they couldn't.

               tami   tami