25-Year & Retiree Celebration

Honoring and celebrating retirees and 25-years of service employees
Posted on 05/05/2016

May 2016 – The annual 25-Year Employee and Retiree Celebration was held May 4. Members of the governing board, Superintendent Brian Capistran and the school principals took the opportunity to express their appreciation for these individuals who have dedicated their careers to serving students of the district.

This year’s 25-year employees included: Mark Hebert and Christie Watson from Apollo; Elaine Boggs from Greenway, Sylvia Rodriguez from Independence, Renee Kaye from Thunderbird, Edward Bersoza Sr. from Washington, Amanda Shively, Thomas Vandyke and Karen Wheeler from the district office.

To acknowledge their years of service, they each received a commemorative lapel pin and their name with dates of service will be inscribed on a plaque at the district office.

The retirees included: Barbara Dahlstedt, Robert Montes, Gerald Runke and Stephen Silvernail from Apollo, Elaine Handy, Charles Sedgwick and Stephen Bowes from Cortez; Mary Lou Plath from Glendale; Lisa Wakefield from Greenway; Bradley Bates, Marina Bernal, Gary Buer, Sharon Dennis, Raul Garcia and Stephanie Kurrus from Independence, Denise Casper, Pam Hodges and Rick Wieferich from Moon Valley; Sally Doocey from Sunnyslope; Gwendolyn Sigmon from Thunderbird; Edward Bersoza Sr., Alison Dye, Irma Meza, Gary Murphy, Tami Strege and Beatrice Vargas from Washington; Janet Johns from the Online Learning Academy; and Brian Anderson, Anthony Bottjen, Mary Letcher, Augustina Lopez and Estella Porianda from the district office.

As a token of appreciation for their service, these individuals received a lifetime pass to any sporting event or GUHSD activity along with an ornamental plaque.

We sincerely appreciate each of these individuals – the dedication, the service, and the talents they have imparted to our students.

Please enjoy this highlight video from the evening’s celebration.

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