Washington High School Rams Honored

GUHSD's Governing Board Honors Washington's Award Recipients
Posted on 03/10/2021
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Glendale Union High School District’s Achievement Above All events highlight selected individuals from each high school that exhibit outstanding leadership and exceptional accomplishments. This time, the GUHSD Governing Board honored one teacher, student, student group, support staff employee, and volunteer from Washington High School on April 21. Each recipient received an award for their ongoing commitment to the district and their school’s community.

Achievement Above All Teacher Recipient: Heather Livengood

Heather Livengood has been a Washington Ram for the past nine years. She first began as a Science teacher and a Technology Coach. Now, Livengood has taken on the role of Washington’s AP Biology teacher as well.

Washington Science Department Chair Lisa Ballard says, “Heather puts an extraordinary amount of time and effort into creating engaging content for her students and delivers it with passion and clarity. Everyone in the science department values her guidance, and our students benefit from her hard work every day.”

Principal Ashley Burns says, “In this year of a constant need for technology, Heather has truly been an asset to our campus. Her work with teachers has helped so many students find success in this unprecedented year.”

Outside of the classroom, Livengood dedicates her time volunteering and helping the Washington community. She helps to put on a summer program with Washington Street Foundation, works with Interact throughout the school year, and is a Unitown sponsor.

In her downtime, she enjoys crafting, baking, and spending time with her family.

Heather Livengood

Achievement Above All Student Recipient: Roquelle Kaba

During Roquelle Kaba’s four years at Washington, she has participated in theater, badminton, French club, National Honors Society, orchestra, and AP classes. Now, as a senior, Kaba is deciding which university to attend in the fall. She has narrowed her college choices to Arizona State University and the University of Southern California.

Kaba says she started meeting new people and getting involved in extracurricular activities her sophomore year. According to Kaba, this broadened her high school experience.

AP Literature teacher Amanda Humphrey says, “Roquelle is, of course, an excellent student who receives, ponders, and incorporates feedback. But, she’s also a student who shares her strengths with others; she looks to lift and support her peers in all situations. Roquelle wants success for everyone.”

When Kaba is not at school or working on extracurricular activities, she is practicing playing the cello. An instrument she taught herself to play.

Roquelle Kaba

Achievement Above All Student Group Recipient: Boys’ Soccer

Washington’s Boys’ Soccer team, sponsored by Adam Roberts, consists of 60 team members. The team has brought Washington a 4A State Championship in the 2020 season. They are now in the 5A conference, where they made it to the state semi-finals this year.

Coach Roberts says, “These student-athletes pursue excellence by understanding that they will get out of things what they put into things. We focus on being better today than we were tomorrow by putting in work daily to achieve both short-term and long-term goals.”

Principal Ashley Burns says, “The boys have been an inspiration for their peers and have done a great job on and off the field.”

During the off-season, the team attends leadership training and work on personal development. Many former players come to speak to the current players about their success stories and how they reached their goals.

Student Group

Achievement Above All Support Staff Recipient: Robert Freedman

Robert Freedman is no stranger to the Glendale Union High School District, having graduated from Sunnyslope. Also, his mother was a counselor at Moon Valley, Independence, and Sunnyslope. After attending Sunnyslope, Freedman attended Arizona State University for his bachelor’s degree. Freedman has been at Washington for the past 12 years as a Special Education Instructional Assistant.

According to Principal Ashley Burns, Freedman has been a huge help in Washington’s new PAES lab this year, where he has worked with students on their career and transition goals.

Outside of the classroom, Freedman coaches Unified Sports. He is known as a sports enthusiast amongst his coworkers.

Department Chair Ty Bauer recollects a memory about Freedman, saying, “He frequently has conversations with the students about their favorite players. I know of one occasion where a student had to have his appendix out, and Rob sent the student’s favorite team a letter about it. That student received a gift bag of team merchandise.”

Bauer continued to say, “Robert’s enthusiasm for his job and his passion for Washington High School and the Special Education Department is displayed every day.”

During Freedman’s downtime, he enjoys traveling, biking, and attending sporting events.

Robert Freedman

Achievement Above All Volunteer Recipient: Danny Hewlett

Danny Hewlett has volunteered his nights, weekends, and any other free time giving back to Washington High School for the past four years. His wife, Jessica Hewlett, is the Media Center Specialist at Washington. This year, Hewlett is getting recognized for the time and effort he puts into Washington’s wrestling program.

One of Hewlett’s most memorable coaching experiences is coaching the First Annual Female State Championship in Arizona. Hewlett helped a female student finish as a runner-up.

Washington’s Wrestling Coach Gould says, “Wrestling is a small community, but it is a community that accepts everyone. Danny has been significant in making sure that anyone who walks into our room knows that they are welcome, and if they stick with it, they too can become a good wrestler. Danny has been a great asset to the wrestling program, and the other coaches will never forget how important he was in helping the program become what it is today.”

When Hewlett is off the mat, he enjoys just being a husband and a father to two boys.

Danny Hewlett